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My Dearest friend!

Posted by Vom Herz Hundekinder on August 11, 2013 at 10:50 PM

This is my best friend Nicki Ross...she has a heck of a story and I am going to share it

My dear friend and I have been friends for many years now, she is a HUGE dog lover and has this glow about her when it comes to animals.

Last month Nicki attended the Centre Hall dog show with myself, Butters and Zulee. Nicki found herself in awe and caught what we all know as "the dog show bug"

That following week I took Nicki to Shadyrock School For Dogs with me to handling class and introduced her to my wonderful trainer Linda Burley. Nicki learned for one hour how to handle ....she returned the following week with Butters by herself and had yet another hour with Linda.

This past weekend Nicki and I took Butters to Harrisburg PA to have fun and show dogs. I could see the excitement all over her and asked her if she wanted to go into the ring with Butters. She of course did...

Day one her and Butters took first place in her class....

Nicki was so excited!! Our trainer Linda was also there to see how great she did.

On day 2....Nicki was pulled by another woman to help show a Border Terrier....she took winners bitch. Nicki showed Butters and took 1st in class, winners bitch and Best of breed puppy that had her later enter the hound group ring.

Nicki met so many new friends and even hugged and laughed with dog legend James Moses.

One fun fact about my amazing friend....she does not even own a dog She owns 4 cats


Nicki has a new goal she told me....she will be going to Westminster this year and wants Linda to have her ready by then



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