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New found faith in "Dipshit"

Posted by Vom Herz Hundekinder on September 20, 2012 at 10:20 PM

I need to take a moment to apologize to "dipshit" in the event no one knows who this has been my nickname for our Torah since she arrived LOL....Reason being she is the giant puppy in our pack....supplicates the others, has propeller tail, yells like a husky caught in a bear trap when she is know Dipshit like LOL. Torah has always been a good girl never high impact in anything but she does what u ask always... Today upon picking up Voodoo from her home to attend handling class and stay with us until she shows, we had a small accident...Torah and Voodoo only know one another from handling class a few times and drill team and normally I took Frank to handling. Now for the first time she would have to be crated inside the same car with an “unknown” bitch side by side. :o Upon my attempt to rearrange crates (with dogs inside them) so they would fit in the car, Torah at one point shifted her weight and the Veri kennel fell out the back of the SUV. It shattered and she bolts about 25ft away in fear in a place where she has never been….”Oh GOD Dipshit is now loose” Torah has been through obedience classes since 6 months of age, her recall was perfect upon come she stopped dead turned ran back and sat on my left. I now had a broken kennel and a bitch inside one huge wire crate in the SUV. Okay no choice….Torah hops right in and did not give the bitch a glance after I advised her to leave it! We went to class both girls did great and I must say today I am sorry my faith in dipshit was less than it should have been. Good job Girl! I may just make it through all this after all however; I have every bit of faith she will.

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