Show Stoppers

Please remain calm!

Posted by Vom Herz Hundekinder on September 10, 2012 at 1:00 PM


The show is soon approaching and now the nerves are going some. I feel the stress levels starting to raise all though I shouldn’t. …Or should I …..O.o.

It is a scary thought that people go through this feeling ALL the time when you are active in showing dogs. I picture all of these people stressed to the max with their dogs in tow. I have attended many shows now and can say, not one seems as stressed as I am starting to feel. Where do they get their magic nerves? I wonder…All are always pleasant and joyful when you are there however; I know better now. It is pure simple professional class and nothing less.

Where am I in my show days soon approaching? Why should I be stressed?

Let’s see I received Torah’s fur saver collar last week and it fit (YAY!).

I am still awaiting the arrival of the pink crate and the leather show lead. I am praying they arrive on time. My dear friend and handler Anya that was taking my GSD into the ring now will not be arriving until at least 1pm due to her work schedule. I am grateful she is super in what she does…she managed to get me a back up just in case our ring time is early.

My dear friend and mentor whom I am planning on attending the show with is also a very ill elder. She is not doing well at all and I am worried sick about her. There is a huge possibility that she will not be able to attend due to her declining health. I fear she will not make it much longer and she deeply wanted to finish her last GSD prior to anything happening. I will continue to hold my friend in prayer.

So, I will be alone….just me and my dog for the first time ever entering the ring. The thought actual makes me want to vomit. What happens if we advance? What do I do then? Where do I go? How do I know what time to be there? Is someone taking in my dog or am I? Several deep breathes…. More importantly where am I going to find all that class and grace everyone shows up with? How can I remain calm and smiley when the whole time I would rather panic and run in a circle? UGH!

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